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2018 US Open Takes High-Definition X-Ray Straight to the Courtside

September 10, 2018
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X-Ray Technology

For the first time in US tennis history, athletes at the 2018 US Open Tennis Championships were given direct access to digital X-rays courtside to assist in the diagnosis of bone and musculoskeletal injuries during competition. This innovative move was provided in partnership with Mount Sinai Health System and Konica Minolta Healthcare, which provided a portable X-ray system outfitted with the highest definition X-ray technology in the market.

 The addition of digital radiography (DR) during these championships provided onsite medical staff the information they needed to comprehensively and immediately triage these elite athletes at the point of care to help decide if the player could remain competitive in the tournament. A complete assessment could be provided of an athlete’s injury in real time, so medical staff was able to get players back in the game as quickly as possible.


The portable X-ray system used in these championships was outfitted with AeroDR HD, the world’s first digital flat panel detector that can switch from high definition at 100 microns to high dynamic range at 200 microns. This capability gives clinicians a more detailed view of an athlete’s extremities, such as the wrist and ankle, as well as the ability to differentiate subtle differences in soft tissue for more substantial body parts.

 “AeroDR HD is ideally suited for the demanding point-of-care imaging needs at major sporting events such as the US Open. The image quality lets clinicians see areas of interest in exquisite detail with high dose efficiency, and the military grade, waterproof construction of the Digital X-ray detector lets clinicians focus on the player without worrying about the equipment,” said Guillermo Sander, Director of Strategic Marketing at Konica Minolta Healthcare. “The bottom line is that with images that are more clear, the analysis is better and the physician is more confident in the diagnosis. In the competitive world of professional tennis, AeroDR will give athletes and their doctors the information they need to get back into the game.”